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I am an artist and designer making colourful, contemporary woodblocks, mirrors, prints and cards. Most days I design in my South London studio, once a week I join the real world and work at Helen Yardley Rugs. Much of my time is spent drawing in sketchbooks – see drawings post below. I then cut out  paper shapes to use across the range of my work. The overall look and texture of  each object is really important to me, I love quality paper and card with texture and weight, or the soft sensual surface of wood.

Safari – soft moss (greeting card)



Printmaking is my first love. I studied Fine Art at Manchester and then did a postgrad at Central St Martins. When I finished college I thought…what now? eek! With limited cash to buy materials or promote my work I made a very basic screen press. I then printed tonnes of cards and began selling them. The Conran Shop, Designers Guild and many small retailers bought them. Then Heal’s commissioned me to make an accessories range, their success enabled me to concentrate on more commissioned artwork.  I’ve since made loads of commissions, done numerous shows, met great people – colleagues and clients. I really enjoy working on creative projects as part of a team, and I make work with as much passion as I had when I left college, and still use the same basic press I began with….

Birdcage Walk – print


Everything I make starts with drawings – I love pencil drawing and  have tonnes of sketchbooks. Anytime I’m sitting down listening to music or half watching a film, I’m drawing. I’ll go through my sketchbooks and find some drawings made ages ago and they may well be the start of new work. I put my sketchbooks out, almost as an afterthought, at our recent Open House, and people really enjoyed looking through them, so here are a few snippets. They are not finished , smart, tweeked – simply ideas.

Selection of sketchbook drawings

Getting acquainted

I have such a diverse range of interests and social media has got them covered – Colour, Art and Design, Interiors, Suppliers,  Buildings, Community issues. The aim of this blog  is to share my work and invite others to share theirs. When you hover over that link you have no idea what hidden gem lies beneath.  I’ve met some really interesting people on my short journey on the web, and hope to meet many more. I enjoy  sites which tell a story  and genuinely do not presume you will be more interested in me that I am in you. Tell me  about you – what you do? what you make? why, how?  Here is a tiny taste  of some interesting sites-either for what they do, or what they say or how they say it. I will put more on as I go along-as I get better with the technology… any lovely shopfronts/buildings/galleries – I’m always interested in these.  Really look forward to hearing from you.

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